Unlock Your Personal Brand's Potential and Become a Success Story with BOLD

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential with BOLD’s Personalized and Scientific Approach to Boost Recognition, Gain Leads, and Drive Revenue


In today’s crowded digital landscape, your personal brand is your most powerful asset. Are you positioned to stand out?



The Struggles of a Poorly Positioned Brand


♦ Lack of clarity and direction

♦ Inconsistent, confusing messaging

♦ Time and resources wasted on marketing that doesn’t convert

♦ Lost market share to more dynamic and forward-thinking competitors

Positioning your brand is key to success. Don’t waste resources or miss opportunities due to poor positioning. Be the go-to expert in your industry, attract your ideal clients, and achieve the success you deserve.

Unlock your brand’s potential ↓

Get ready to position your brand like a boss with BOLD’s personalized and scientifically-backed approach


Ready to unleash your true potential with BOLD?

Our brand positioning is tailored to YOUR unique strengths, values, and personal approach.

With our comprehensive discovery process and advanced assessment, we’ll gain a deep understanding of your business to create a positioning strategy that sets your brand apart from the competition. 

“Your unique aptitudes, interests, and personality can be key drivers of your brand’s DNA.

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By leveraging these factors and aligning them with the needs and desires of your target audience, your brand becomes both authentic and compelling, setting your brand apart from the competition and positioning you for success.”

Working with Teri provided me with the most clarity I’ve ever had about my message and my business. She helped mold my website into a clear representation of my new brand in just a few concise meetings.

Natalie Ehmka

Speaker & Founder, With Heart Media

The BOLD Blueprint 

B – Brand Assessment: We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current brand positioning to identify areas for improvement.

O – Objectives: We work with you to establish clear brand objectives that align with your personal values and business goals.

L – Leverage Your Strengths: Our approach is tailored to your unique strengths, so we can position you as a niche of one and an expert in your field.

D – Data-Driven Strategy: Through BOLD’s Genius Thread assessment and relevant market data we create a scientific and effective brand positioning strategy.

Our proven framework combines strategy with creativity to help position your personal brand for success.



Get Ready for a Game-Changing Personal Branding Experience – Here’s the Process


In this initial phase, we work with you to gain a deep understanding of your business, target audience, and goals.


BOLD incorporates our proprietary assessment to gain insights into your natural aptitudes, personal approach, and interests to ensure your strategy aligns with your unique strengths and values.


Based on the insights gained from the discovery and assessment phases, we’ll design an action plan that is tailored to your goals and positions you for success.


Finally, we work with you to implement your strategy across all relevant touchpoints, including website copy, social media profiles, and content marketing assets. 

Whether you’re a coach, influencer, or entrepreneur, we can help you unlock your full potential and achieve your business goals

See How BOLD Helped These Entrepreneurs Achieve Personal Brand Success

I’ve taken courses & learned a lot. But, when it came time to execute, I found I was entirely too busy to map it out.

I’ve grown my email list 3,000 subscribers in 3 months thanks to the strategies Teri helped me implement.

Sonia Roselli

Founder / CEO, Sonia Roselli Beauty

I have a great service but was not sure how to package it. I was stuck in a never-ending pile of things to help.

Teri walked me through a scenario and gave me a strategic plan to catapult me to the next level. Now I can move forward and excel!

Laura Hauer

CEO, Green Castle Web Design

The one thing I so appreciated is that over the course of our time together we worked together as a team to really go through each part of the business.

Teri helped us uncover how to easily communicate our story with other people…Game changer!

Cat Golden

Founder, Nurses Inspire Nurses

Transform Your Brand and Achieve Your Business Goals 

Ready to build the successful business you were always meant to have? BOLD’s integrative approach to personal brand positioning and performance coaching will take you there.


A Focused, One-On-One Session


Uncover your unique strengths, passions, values, and goals to unleash your personal brand power. Includes a personal branding assessment, a one-on-one consultation, and a personalized report outlining findings, initial recommendations, and a game plan.



4 Week Brand Strategy & Development


Take a deeper dive into creating your personal brand strategy. Includes identifying your target audience, defining your unique selling proposition, creating your brand messaging, and developing a visual and verbal brand identity. 



A one-day intensive to differentiate your unique brand and position your business for success

Unlock Your Brand’s Potential in Just One Day


Is BOLD for YOU?

This is for You if You Are…

  • A Coach, Consultant, Influencer, Entrepreneur, Freelancer, or Service Provider seeking to differentiate your brand so you can stand out in your industry
  • A Small business owner looking to streamline your operations and increase profits
  • A Creative professional who wants to leverage your unique skills and talents
  • An Individual who wants to learn how to use your natural skills, aptitudes, personal style, and experience to make building your brand and business effortless.

This is NOT for You if You Are…

  • An Individual who is not willing to put in the effort to make positive changes in your professional life
  • Not open to new ideas or strategies and prefer to stick with your current methods
  • An Individual who is not interested in defining your niche 
  • A Business or individual who is not willing to invest in positioning your brand for success
  • Not interested in building a personal brand
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Hi, I’m Teri

I specialize in bold and innovative growth strategies for entrepreneurs and personal brands. Over the past 20 years, I’ve helped national and international companies and personal brands to build and scale profitable businesses by finding their unique voices and creating compelling brand experiences.

If that sounds great to you, click the link below. 

I can’t wait to speak with you!